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2/27: Staple Swole Food

This may offend some of the barbecue purists out there, but it is just so darn easy that you have to try it.  You should already have a crock pot.  Go to the store and buy some BBQ dry rub that looks tasty, some Worcestershire sauce, some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (or whatever you like, but it’s hard to beat SBR)  and a 7 to 8 pound pork butt (pork shoulder).

The next morning, cut off any skin or membrane on the outside of the meat.  There will be a fat cap on the bottom–leave this.  Put the meat in the crock pot (don’t turn it on yet) and pour the Worcestershire sauce generously over the outside of the meat.  Put the dry rub on the meat, being sure to cover the meat and fill any grooves or nooks in the meat with rub.  Be sure to get the top, bottom, and all four sides covered.  Let the meat sit for 30 minutes to an hour.  Cover and cook on low for about 8 or so hours.  Spoon the meat out of the liquid (removing the bone at the same time, if there is one) and shred it with a fork and a knife.  You now have pulled pork!  Sauce it to taste in small portions as you need and enjoy it for days.

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2/20: Snowin’ Swole

Snow outside is a great excuse to stay inside, squat and cook.  One essential tool to increasing your swole quotient is a slow cooker (Crock Pot).  Using one of these allows you to prepare large quantities of delicious meat at a time without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  You can buy the cheaper, larger cuts of meat from Sam’s or Kroger and cook it low and slow so that it still comes out tender–and you’ll have meat for days.  The next several posts I think I’ll put up some food ideas for y’all to think about, if you’d like.

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2/16: So Far This Week

This is great.

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2/12: Sunday Fun Day

Got some squatting in today.  Post your training to the comments.

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2/10: Flex Friday

Post your training to the comments!

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2/8: Monday and Wednesday (and First Tuesday Practice)

Watch this video.  This stretch is awesome the day after rugby practice.

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2/5: Super Bowl Sunday Squattage

I was bored today, so I decided to get in some squats.  This video is awesome:

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2/4: Watch This Video

This is a great video of a professional strength coach critiquing some deadlift videos.  He begins by showing some great technique, then at the end he shows a lift that has some of the same problems that a lot of you guys have had.  You’ll notice he says many of the same things that I’ve said to you, but he does so with a visual example as well.  I think it will help you guys to see it, and will help you continue to improve your deadlifts.

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1/30: Last Two

Post to the comments.

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1/25: Swellin’ Solo

A word on programming:

Programs are great.  Following a well designed program will make sure that you are constantly progressing and that your bases are covered.

Sometimes, however, you just have to listen to your body.  Often, you can make adjustments within the framework of your program.  If you’re having a crappy day and feeling beat up or if you’re feeling great and someone turned off the gravity–your program should allow you to adjust accordingly.

The VRFC Power Program has this sort of flexibility.  If you feel like there are magnets in the gym floor on a particular day, you can just get the minimum reps on your last set and leave.  You could even repeat the weight you did the previous time and only get the minimum reps.  No big deal.  If you feel great–push the last set.  Heck, you could even take a little bit bigger jump than normal if you’ve been feeling awesome for a couple workouts in a row.

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